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Exploring the Wilderness: A 16-Night Wildlife Tour of South India

17 Days 16 Nights

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Start your 17-day journey through the wild heart of South India. Beginning in Bangalore, traverse Mysore's regal landscapes before delving into the untamed beauty of Nagarhole, BR Hills, and Bandipur National Parks. Discover the charm of Ooty and Munnar's tea estates, then venture into the lush realms of Periyar. Sail through the backwaters of Kumarakom and unwind on Kovalam's sandy shores. This tour seamlessly blends cultural exploration with thrilling wildlife encounters, promising an unforgettable adventure across the diverse terrains of South India.

  • Explore Bangalore's vibrant cityscape, visit Lalbagh Botanical Garden, and immerse yourself in the cultural hub of Cubbon Park.
  • Witness the grandeur of Mysore Palace, a testament to royal opulence, and wander through the historical city soaked in regal charm.
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site: Discover the stunning rock-cut monuments and Shore Temple.
  • Encounter diverse flora and fauna at Nagarhole National Park, with thrilling safaris along the Kabini River.
  • Experience the unique blend of spirituality and biodiversity in the Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Engage in wildlife safaris in Bandipur National Park, contributing to the conservation efforts for tigers, leopards, and various bird species.
  • Enjoy a scenic ride on the Nilgiri Mountain Railway, explore botanical gardens, and take in panoramic views from Doddabetta Peak.
  • Wander through tea gardens, explore Eravikulam National Park, and learn about tea production at the Tea Museum.
  • Cruise on Periyar Lake for a chance to spot elephants, deer, and diverse birdlife in the lush surroundings.
  • Experience a serene houseboat cruise through Kumarakom's backwaters, with a visit to the renowned Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary.
  • Conclude your journey with relaxation on Kovalam's sandy beaches, enjoying water sports and savoring local seafood.
Basic Information
South India
Departure Time
07.30 AM GMT
Return Time
17.00 PM GMT
English, Hindi
  • Parking and Toll tax
  • Pick and Drop at time of arrival/departure
  • English-Speaking Guide: Knowledgeable guides to accompany you throughout the tour, providing valuable insights and assistance.
  • All tours and transfers by Personal Car is included
Not Included
  • Camera fee
  • Travel Insurance: Participants are encouraged to arrange their travel insurance to cover unforeseen events and emergencies.
  • Meals and Beverages: Meals and beverages not specified in the itinerary are not included in the tour package.
  • Personal Expenses: Expenses such as souvenirs, laundry, telephone calls, and additional activities beyond the itinerary are not covered.
  • Gratuities: Tipping for guides, drivers, and hotel staff is not included and is at the discretion of the traveler.
  • Optional Activities: Costs associated with optional activities and excursions not mentioned in the itinerary are the responsibility of the traveler.

Tour Plans

  • Day 1-2Bangalore - The Garden City

    Embark on your wildlife adventure in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India. Spend the first day exploring the vibrant city, visiting landmarks like Lalbagh Botanical Garden and Cubbon Park. On the second day, head to the Bannerghatta Biological Park, an ideal precursor to the wild experiences awaiting you.

  • Day 3-4Mysore - The Royal Abode

    Travel to Mysore, a city steeped in history and culture. Visit the Mysore Palace, an architectural marvel, and immerse yourself in the city's regal charm. The next day, explore the Bandipur National Park en route to Nagarhole, a haven for wildlife enthusiasts.

  • Day 5-6Nagarhole - A Wilderness Wonderland

    Nagarhole National Park is your gateway to an incredible array of flora and fauna. Enjoy thrilling safaris, spotting elephants, tigers, and an assortment of bird species. The Kabini River adds to the enchantment of this lush landscape.

  • Day 7-8BR Hills - Amidst Nature's Bounty

    Proceed to Biligirirangan Hills (BR Hills), a lesser-explored gem. The Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple Wildlife Sanctuary offers a unique blend of spirituality and biodiversity. Take nature walks and safaris to witness the fascinating wildlife.

  • Day 9-10Bandipur - Roaming with the Wild

    Next on your journey is Bandipur National Park, known for its diverse wildlife and conservation efforts. Engage in wildlife safaris and experience the thrill of encountering tigers, leopards, and an abundance of birdlife.

  • Day 11-12Ooty - The Queen of the Nilgiris

    Journey to Ooty, a charming hill station known for its tea plantations and scenic landscapes. Take a ride on the Nilgiri Mountain Railway and explore the botanical gardens. Ooty Lake and Doddabetta Peak offer breathtaking views of the surrounding hills.

  • Day 13-14Munnar - Tranquil Tea Gardens

    Travel to Munnar, a picturesque town renowned for its tea estates. Explore the Eravikulam National Park, home to the endangered Nilgiri Tahr. Enjoy a stroll through tea gardens and visit the Tea Museum to learn about the tea-making process.

  • Day 15-16Periyar - A Sanctuary for Wildlife

    Proceed to Periyar, home to the Periyar Tiger Reserve. Enjoy a boat safari on Periyar Lake, providing an opportunity to spot elephants, deer, and various bird species. Explore the spice plantations and take a nature walk in the lush surroundings.

  • Day 17Kumarakom - Backwaters and Birdlife

    End your wildlife odyssey with a visit to Kumarakom, known for its backwaters and bird sanctuary. Cruise through the serene backwaters on a houseboat, marveling at the picturesque landscapes. Visit the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, a haven for migratory birds.

  • Day 18Kovalam - Relax by the Sea

    Conclude your wildlife tour in the coastal town of Kovalam. Relax on the pristine beaches, indulge in water sports, and savor local seafood. Reflect on your incredible journey through the diverse landscapes and ecosystems of South India.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best time to embark on the South India Wildlife Tour?

    The ideal time is during the winter months (October to March) when the weather is pleasant, and wildlife is more active.

  • How physically demanding is the tour?

    The tour involves some walking during nature walks and safaris. While most activities are accessible to all fitness levels, participants should be comfortable with light physical exertion.

  • Are wildlife sightings guaranteed on the safari tours?

    Wildlife sightings are influenced by factors like season, weather, and animal behavior. While the tour maximizes opportunities, it cannot guarantee specific sightings.

  • What types of hotels are provided during the tour?

    hotels range from comfortable hotels in cities to wildlife resorts and eco-friendly lodges in national parks, ensuring a diverse yet comfortable experience.

  • Is the tour suitable for families with children?

    Yes, the tour is family-friendly. However, certain activities may have age restrictions, and it's advisable to check beforehand.

  • How is transportation handled between destinations?

    Transportation includes a mix of private vehicles and, where applicable, safari vehicles. Comfortable travel arrangements are made for the entire journey.

  • Are meals included in the tour package?

    Yes, most meals are included, offering a mix of local and continental cuisine. Special dietary needs can be accommodated with prior notice.

  • What should participants pack for the tour?

    Participants are advised to bring comfortable clothing, suitable for both city exploration and wildlife activities. Binoculars, a hat, sunscreen, and sturdy walking shoes are also recommended.

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